The term Medical Clinics for the purpose of these standards refer to all ‘free standing’ outpatient clinic services managed by medical practitioner and cover both private and public sector clinics including specialist clinics. The term ‘services’ include consultations, investigations and treatments. 

The Medical Clinic Standards were developed with collaboration between the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the Ministry of Defence Malaysia and the various professional organisations representing the medical clinics i.e. the Malaysian Medical Association, the Academy of Medicine, the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia, the Family Medicine Specialist Association of Malaysia, Primary Care Doctors’ Organization Malaysia, the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Association, the Association of Specialist in Private Medical Practice Malaysia, the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia, the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia and Qualitas Medical Group Sdn. Bhd.. Development of these standards were based on existing standards from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. References were also made from the National Quality Improvement Programme in General Practice developed by the Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia and the Professional Standards for Family Medicine Specialist (Malaysia).

These standards were developed based on the ISQua Accreditation Federation Council principles and philosophy on standards development. The purpose of these standards was to ensure safe medical practice, patient safety and quality service in primary care as well as in the specialist clinics.

 The standards cover the following areas of concerns:-  

  • Standard 1 : Access to Care 
  • Standard 2 : Practice 
  • Standard 3 : Human Resource 
  • Standard 4 : Safety 
  • Standard 5 : Ethical Practice 
  • Standard 6 : Quality Improvement Activities


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