PFPSM Declaration

Patients for Patient Safety Malaysia Declaration

We the participants of the inaugural Malaysian Patients for Patient Safety Workshop convened in September 2013 will share the profound healthcare experiences in our lives and take forward our call to action to improve patient safety in Malaysia.

We are patients, family members, carers and health professionals - people from all walks of life. Each of us is a testament to the personal experience of unintended harm healthcare and its continuing impact. Much of that harm was preventable.

We declare:

  • We, Patients for Patient Safety Malaysia are committed to the right to safe healthcare. We expect honesty, openness and transparency.
  • Patient safety is a basic human right. We will make the reduction of healthcare patient safety incidents a priority to improve the quality of healthcare. When harmed, patients and their caregivers have the right to timely apology, explanation, redress and other remedies meaningful to them.
  • Our trusted healthcare providers must recognize that we, your patients and our families are an invaluable asset and resource for improving patient safety. We offer our stories and experiences. Seek to learn from our hard won wisdom and partner with us to make lasting improvement.
  • We, have collective responsibility for our healthcare systems and we ask everyone in the community, including healthcare providers and the Government to join us in making the right to safe healthcare a priority for all people at all times.
  • We, Patients for Patient Safety Malaysia will be the voice for all people, especially those who are now unheard. Together as partners, we will collaborate in:
    • Devising and promoting programs for patient safety, patient empowerment and patient engagement;
    • Developing and driving a constructive dialogue with all partners concerned with patient safety;
    • Establishing systems for reporting and dealing with patient safety incidents;
    • Identifying best practices inpatient safety and promoting those best practices.

This Declaration is our calling. We the Patient for Patient Safety Malaysia invite you to join us and advance patient safety for everyone.

“This is our pledge of partnership”

(Putrajaya, Malaysia 29th April 2014)

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PFPSM Vision



Safe Care for Every Patient at All Times.

PFPSM Mission



Patients for Patient Safety Malaysia (PFPSM) is the voice for patients and families in communicating and partnering with healthcare providers in advancing safe care.

 PFPSM Values

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Compassion
  • Teamwork

 PFPSM Objectives

  • Ensure healthcare organizations and providers include the perspective of patients and their families in decision making and planning patient safety and quality improvement initiatives
  • Provide a platform for patients, families and healthcare providers to share their experiences with a focus on opportunities for learning and improvement
  • Facilitate and support communication among all decision makers to achieve safe care for all
  • Promote transparency on all patient safety issues, practices and policies
  • 5. Collaborate and align with other organizations to enhance the patient safety agenda.

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PFPS Malaysia has members who are healthcare professionals from various strands of healthcare, and who have also experienced adverse events in their own lives.
Collectively, we are driven by a desire to improve the existing system. Our emphasis is on engaging health professionals and organisations to enter into dialogue with patients and patient organisations, NOT to see them as an adversary, but as collaborators to help improve patient safety.
The launch of PFPSM was graced by the Honorable Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam and its’ closing by the Director General, Y.Bhg. Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah
The PFPSM Declaration is a collective call and commitment to making patient safety a basic human right and the reduction of patient safety incidents a priority, to improve the quality of health care.