MSQH Hospital Accreditation Provides:

For Your Customers  

  • tested performance standards that focus on quality and safety in patient care, 
  • assurance that your service meets or exceeds the quality health standards available in Malaysia and is recognised internationally, 
  • Strengthening community trust being certified is evidence to patients and community that your organisation is committed to providing Quality and Safe Healthcare Service, 
  • greater client satisfaction, 
  • trust in your staff's ability to respond appropriately to their needs and to protect customers’ rights, 
  • security in the knowledge that quality systems are in place to identify and remedy health problems, 



For Your Organisation  

  • comprehensive and structured analysis of performance 
  • a broad based improvement in delivery of services, 
  • reduced re-work and rectifications, since things are done right the first time and every time 
  • Establishes organisational credibility, builds up staff and stake holders, confidence towards the hospital 
  • better outcomes of care
  • reduced risk and medical defence costs, 
  • confidence that you focus on quality care, safety and service excellence, 
  • enhanced public image and competitive edge. 


For The People Working In Your Organisation  

  • a valuable learning experience through self-assessment, reflection, and challenge to tradition, 
  • empowerment to improve the processes and change current practices in delivery of care, 
  • enhanced teamwork, staff satisfaction and staff morale, 
  • provision with the right tools and new techniques for quality and safe services, 
  • being part of a client-focused team to achieve service excellence, 
  • equipping with a rigorous approach to continuous improvement, 
  • sharing knowledge through a nationwide network of quality health providers,
  • esteem and endorsement by peers and the public for a conscious and active effort in maintaining high professional standards, 


For The People Who Fund Your Organisation 

  • confidence that your organisation is client focused 
  • assurance that your organisation operates according to industry standards and meets international safety standards 
  • success and sustainability of business through quality outcomes 
  • Confidence that risk is minimised and managed to create better shareholder value.

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