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The year 2015 has seen MSQH establishing collaborations with international agencies sharing common interest in Quality in Health and Patient Safety.

MSQH was involved in the Standards component of the National Strategic Reform Initiatives under the Economic Transformation Programme, to specifically enhance the safety and quality of Healthcare Facilities and Services for the country. Concurrently, this initiative also help to build confidence for foreign patient and the world at large seeking medical treatment here.

Our effort focuses on building good Clinical Governance with safer health outcomes among all our health care providers for both public and private sectors with the ultimate goal of improving the Quality of Life of all patients we serve.

As a Non-profit and Non-governmental organisation, we are inspired and passionate with what we do and are guided by our Vision, Mission Values and Goals.

Implementation and awareness of the general public/consumers to seek care in accredited hospital is crucial for the success of this programme. This is a major focus for 2016. At the same time Quality Improvement and Patient Safety should also be introduced and become a major responsibility of graduate Medical education. After all they are the next generation of healthcare providers who will be taking care of us, when we occupy the hospital beds!!

MSQH is promoting and have established links with ISQua fellowship programmes as well as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School to promote better understanding of Quality Improvement in Healthcare and Patient Safety Initiative for both the present and the future generations of Healthcare providers to teach them what they need to know to ensure on providing safe care and saving more lives.

The year 2015 have been a very productive year for MSQH. Over 40 hospitals public and private went through the Hospital Accreditation Survey using the 4th Edition Standards making a total of 90 hospitals that have gone through the 4th Edition Hospital Accreditation Standards.

The number of hospitals undergoing Surprise Surveillance Survey since implementation of the 4th Edition is 16 and all have good outcome. All hospitals surveyed provide good evidence of continuous compliance to standards and actions taken on recommendations provided during the full survey (two years ago).

The uptake of the Chronic Dialysis Treatment Accreditation Program by standalone Dialysis Centres is moving slowly but surely. A total of 75 Dialysis Centres in hospitals undergoing the Accreditation survey between 2013 to 2015 have been surveyed.

 The Implementation of the Medical Clinics Accreditation program need much support from the stakeholders and Medical Practitioners.

The Dental Clinic Service Standards and the Clinical Research Standards were launched in September 2015 at the MSQH Conference and booth are for implementation by mid 2016.

MSQH had in 2015 embarked on another phase of improving healthcare through promoting, stakeholder, patients' and families' engagement to improve the healthcare systems processes and outcomes in hospitals. The collaborative efforts with WHO head Office in Geneva in the Patient's and family's engagement in the MSQH Board and subsequently MSQH is planning to have them as part of the hospital surveying team in 2017.

MSQH has also been actively working with WHO Geneva in the Patients for Patient Safety Project; WHO-WPRO/Manila: in the Universal Coverage meeting in Hong Kong 28th September 2015, WHO-EMRO/Cairo: in the Hospital Accreditation Program in Cairo from 13th-15th December 2015, WHO-WPRO/SEARO: OECD and PFPS Meeting in Kuala Lumpur from 15th-17th December 2015 and WHO Geneva in the PFPS Presentation Forum during the International ISQua Conference in DOHA 5th-8th October 2015.

MSQH is currently actively going through the process of self-assessment for Onsite ISQua Organisation and Surveyors Training Program Certification which is due from 9th May to 13th May 2016 and also for 5th Edition Hospital Accreditation Standards Assessment in November 2016.

Finally, the highlight of 2015 is that MSQH have been announced as the winner for the bidding of the 35th International ISQua Conference, which will be held from 22nd-26th September 2018 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This was announce by the President of ISQua, Dr. David Bates at the 32nd International ISQua Conference in DOHA on 6th October 2015 during the ISQua AGM. This is a valuable gift from MSQH to all Healthcare home to our shores. This allows great opportunities and better access for all local healthcare providers to be actively participating and showcasing our healthcare services internationally while attending the conference. Exposure to this International Conference on Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety hopefully will motivate and improve the patient safety culture of all local healthcare providers toward providing safer care, saving more lives and better quality of life for all.

For further information kindly visit the ISQua website for news on the 33rd International ISQua Conference 2016 to be held in Tokyo, Japan while the 34th International ISQua Conference 2017 will be in London.

Dr. Kadar Marikar

Chief Executive Officer,

Malaysian Society for Quality in Health

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