1 Surgical Instruments Catalogue – 7933 – Masterhand D/C001
2 MALAYSIAN STANDARDS CATALOGUE, Department of Standards Malaysia, 2003   D/C002
4 Surgical Instruments Catalogue 1997/1998 - Thackery D/C004
5 MIM Training Directory 2008 D/C005/1
6 MIM Training Directory 2009 D/C005/2
7 MIM Training Directory 2010 D/C005/3
8 MIM Training Directory 2012 D/C005/5
9 Prince Court Medical Centre D/C006
10 The Malaysian Medical and Health Directory 2006 D/C007
11 2009 Healthcare Standards Official Directory 20th Anniversary Issue D/C008
12 FMH Medical & Health (Buyers Guide) D/C009
13 Joint Commission Resources – Publication & Multimedia Catalogue – Joint Commission D/C010
14 Through The Eyes of The Child – A Photo Exhibition – Gallery Petronas D/C011
15 Medical Supplies Annual Directory  D/C012/1
16 Medical Supplies Annual Directory, Issue 2013 D/C012/2
18 14th Southeast Asian Healthcare & Pharma Show 2011 D/C014
20 INTERPRETATIONS OF TERMS’, Tawfik A.K. (Dr.), July 2002 D/C016
21 MIMS Respiratory – Malaysia 2010/1022 D/C017
22 2008 Budget Commentary & Tax Information D/C018
23 Collection of Innovations – Volume 5 D/C019
24 RZ General Surgery D/C020
25 Directory of Accredited Calibration Laboratories D/C021
26 Joint Commission Resources – International Catalogue D/C022
27 StemTech International – Stem Cell Banking D/C023
28 MPC Publication House Catalogue 2010 D/C024
29 “MASSB” Branded Sharps Waste Bins: Technical Info D/C025
30 Selecting, Evaluating and Using Sharps Disposal Containers & Product Range D/C026
31 Joint Commission International Accreditation D/C027/1
32 Joint Commission International Consulting D/C027/2
33 Joint Commission International 2012 – 2013 Catalogue D/C027/3
34 Joint Commision International D/C027/4
35 Datix: Your Partner in Patient Safety D/C028
36 Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka D/C029
37 Chemi-Pharm – Medical Disinfection and Cleaning Agents Catalogue D/C030
38 Braun Group The B. D/C031
39 UKM Kesihatan – To be Leading Provider of Quality Healthcare ad Education D/C032
40 Oxford University Press Book Price List (ISQua12) D/C034
41 HCI D/C036
42 MPC Annual Productivity & Innovation Conference and Exposition (APIC) 2012 ‚ From Ideas to Reality“ D/C037
43 MSQH Professional Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Nurses D/C038
44 Deloitee “ A Blue Ocean for Malaysia’s Medical and Tourism Industry, the right people, right place, right time“ D/C039
45 Malaysia My Second Home “Your Guide to the Good Life“ Aubella D/C040
46 Regency Specialist Hospital D/C041
47 “Shopping Malaysia“  D/C042
48 Tourism Malaysia, Central Region,“Dine.Shop.Chill Out.Live it Up!“ D/C043
49 Koridor Utara Malaysia “Come North Expand Your Business Boundaries“ D/C044
50 Hospital Lam Wah Ee “Aspires To Be The Centre of Excellence in Healthcare“ D/C045
51 Dew Platinum D/C046
52 DEMC  D/C047
53 DEMC Profile D/C/047/1
54 IJN D/C048
55 Jabatan Imegresen Malaysia D/C049
56 MOH Virtual Library, D/C050
58 Pantai Hospitals Gleneagles D/C052
59 ANOC Neuroscience and Orthopedi Centre D/C053
60 Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre D/C054
61 Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital D/C055
62 Love On Wheels Healthcare Services Sdn Bhd D/C056
63 ISEC International Specialist Eye Centre Malaysia “Restoring Vision Enriching Lives“ D/C057
64 DMMC Darul Makmur Medical Centre D/C058
65 Mati Otak & Pendermaan Organ D/C059
66 KKM & JAKIM: Soalan-soalan Lazim mengenai Islam & Pendermaan Organ D/C060
67 SYNAPSE Physiotherapy  D/C061
68 Penang Adventist Hospital D/C062
69 Perpustakaan Ibu Pejabat Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia D/C063
70 Island Hospital D/C064
71 Minisry of Health “Diabetes, Hypertension & Organ Donation“ D/C065
72 Reader’s Digest Malaysia Healthcare D/C066
73 The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital D/C067
74 Tourism Malaysia “Malaysia Helicopter Tour Package“ D/C068
75 MyHealth, D/C069
76 Penang George Town, D/C070
77 PETRON D/C071
78 KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital “Health Screening Packages Year 2012“ D/C072
79 Medical Asia Thailand 2012 - Medical Industry ASIA D/C073
80 MOH Malay Postnatal Care D/C074
81 MOH Did You Know? Kad Pendermaan Organ MALAYSIA D/C075
82 MOH Prevent Hypertension D/C076
83 MOH Akupuntur D/C077
84 MOH Tissue Donation D/C078
85 MOH Traditional And Complementary Medicine Units in Malaysia D/C079
86 Health Devices Sourcebook 2012 volume 1 D/C080
87 Health Devices Sourcebook 2012 volume 2 D/C081
88 Prince Court Medical Centre- Doctors Directory 2013 D/C082
89 Commonwealth Health Partnerships 2013 D/C083
90 Medical Fair Thailand:  6th International Exhibition on Hospital, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Rehabilitation, Equipment & Supplies D/C084
91 Deloitee “Healthcare 3.0-Healthcare for the new normal“ D/C085
92 Menangani Stress dengan Bijak D/C086
93 7 Cara Cegah Diabetes D/C087
94 Kurangkan Garam D/C088
95 Jatuh:  Penjagaan Warga Emas D/C089
96 Ekspresi Hak Anda:  Katakan Tidak kepada Asap Rokok D/C090
97 Teenagers & HIV/Aids D/C091
98 Kurangkan Gula D/C092
99 Bahaya Shisha D/C093
100 Etika Batuk D/C094
101 Low Vision D/C095
102 Pastikan Tangan Anda Bersih D/C096
103 Kanser:  Awal Dijejak, Langkah Yang Bijak D/C097
104 Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur:  The Dazzling Capital City D/C098
105 MATRADE - Business Information Centre D/C099
106 MATRADE - Malaysia Exporters Registry (MER) D/C100
107 MATRADE - Doing Business with Malaysia D/C101
108 MATRADE - The Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre (MEEC) D/C102
109 WHO:  Patients for Patient Safety - Partnerships for Safer Health Care D/C103
110 ECRI - SELECTplus Online D/C104
111 ECRI -  Health Devices and Health Devices Gold D/C105
112 ECRI - Medical Equipment Planning D/C106
113 ECRI - Healthcare Risk Control System D/C107
114 ECRI - Biomedical Benchmark:  The Technology Support System D/C108
115 Healthtronics D/C109
116 Department of STANDARDS MALAYSIA:  National Accreditation Body D/C110
117 STANDARDS MALAYSIA:  Malaysian Standards Online D/C111
118 STANDARDS MALAYSIA:  National Standards Compliance Programme (NSCP) Handbook D/C112
119 Bahagian Perubatan Tradisional & Komplementari, KKM D/C113/1
120 Bahagian Perubatan Tradisional & Komplementari, KKM D/C113/2
121 Information on Practices and Common Mistakes in Traditional & Complementary Medicine Services in Malaysia D/C114
122 Malaysia:  Costs of Doing Business - Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) D/C115
123 Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) D/C116
124 World Class Risk Management, Incident Reporting, Occupational Health & Safety Solution D/C117
125 VESTI:  Surgical Sutures D/C118
126 Healthcare Industry in Malaysia:  Pharmaceutical D/C119/1
127 Healthcare Industry in Malaysia:  Medical Device Act 2012 & PHFSA 1998 D/C119/2
128 Axcel:  Paediatric Care D/C120
129 Accreditation Canada International D/C121
130 Tropicana Medical Centre D/C122
131 SIFT Analytics Group Pte Ltd D/C123
132 The Harmful Effects of Secondhand Smoke D/C124
133 Omnitech Labs:  Laboratory Information System D/C125
134 The Blue Ribbon Campaign:  Moving Towards 100% Smoke Free Environment D/C126
135 UKM Specialist Directory D/C127
136 Prince Court Medical Centre D/C128/1
137 Prince Court Medical Centre: Doctors Directory D/C128/2
138 Prince Court Medical Centre: International Business Lounge D/C128/3
139 Prince Court Medical Centre: Out-Patient Journey D/C128/4
140 Prince Court Medical Centre: Nutrition Services D/C128/5
141 MIMOS: National R&D Centre in ICT D/C129
142 MPC:  Towards a More Conducive Business Environment D/C130
143 DELABIE Accessibility Hygienic Accessories for Public and Commercial Places D/C131
144 DELABIE Water Controls for Public and Commercial Places D/C132
145 DELABIE Water Controls and Terminal Filters for Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Care Homes D/C133
146 DELABIE Hand Washing:  A Deadly Dilemma D/C134
147 Salam Specialist Hospital D/C135
148 BP Healthcare Group D/C136
149 Medix Asia 2014, Kuala Lumpur D/C137
150 KPJ Through 30 Years:  Bringing healthcare to the nation and the world D/C138
151 Map of Malaysia D/C139
152 Kuala Lumpur Map & Guide D/C140
153 The Qamar, Paka, Terengganu D/C141
154 RHR Hospitality Sdn Bhd D/C142
155 Malaysian Islamic Arts & Tourism Souq, 18-21 September 2014 D/C143
156 Malaysia:  East Malaysia D/C144
157 Malaysia:  East Coast Region D/C145
158 Malaysia:  Northern Region D/C146
159 Malaysia:  Southern Region D/C147
160 Malaysia:  Travel Guide D/C148
161 Guide to Islamic Festivals in Malaysia D/C149
162 Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia:  1001 Packages D/C150
163 Kuala Lumpur Walks & Tours Map D/C151
164 Visit Malaysia 2014:  Highland Resorts D/C152
165 Visit Malaysia 2014:  Theme Parks-Endless Excitement for All D/C153
166 Malaysia Progress 2014-2015 D/C154
167 Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, Sarawak D/C155
168 Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) 2015/2016:  Learning & Development Directory D/C156
169 Cworks @ JKR D/C157
170 Allied Health:  Centre of Excellence D/C158
171 Langkawi:  Meetings, Conventions & Incentives D/C159
172 Langkawi:  Hotel & Resort Guide D/C160
173 Langkawi:  Spa Guide D/C161
174 Langkawi:  Geopark Trail D/C162
175 Langkawi:  Trail of Legend D/C163
176 Langkawi:  Crocodile Adventureland D/C164
177 Langkawi:  Dev's Adventure Tours D/C165
178 Langkawi:  Naam - The Premier Marine Leisure, Water Sports Company D/C166
179 Malaysia Travel Guide D/C167
180 Displaymax (M) Sdn Bhd D/C168
181 Institut Jantung Negara  D/C169
182 Fileforce Product Catalogue D/C170
183 Sunway Medical Centre D/C171
184 Tropicana Medical Centre, Issue 3, July-Dec 2015 D/C172
185 Tropicana Medical Centre, Issue 2, Jan-June 2015 D/C173
186 The Guide to Sarawak D/C174
187 2016 Taiwan TradeShows D/C175
188 Felda Travel Sdn Bhd:  Your Private Travel Partner D/C176
189 Do Re Mi Group of Companies D/C177
190 TH Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Terengganu D/C178/1
191 TH Hotel & Convention Centre, Alor Setar D/C178/2
192 Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB):  Co-operative Industry Prospectus 2015 D/C179/1
193 Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB):  Malaysia Asia's Business Events Hub (Exhibition Brochure) D/C179/2
194 Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB):  Malaysia Asia's Business Events Hub D/C179/3
195 Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB):  Malaysia-Asia like never before D/C179/4
  Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB):  Malaysia like never before (postcard) D/C179/5
196 Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) D/C180
197 Putrajaya International Convention Centre D/C181
198 Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Supplier (MACEOS) Members Listing D/C182
199 Asean Sleep Research & Competence Centre (ASRCC):  Sleep Screening & Patient Education Program D/C183/1
200 Asean Sleep Research & Competence Centre (ASRCC):  Sleep Polysomnograpic Technology Program D/C183/2
201 Asean Sleep Research & Competence Centre (ASRCC):  Diagnosing & Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing D/C183/3
202 Asean Sleep Research & Competence Centre (ASRCC):  Sleep Studies D/C183/4
203 Power Sourcing with Taiwan Trade D/C184
204 Malaysia Healthcare D/C185
205 Al-Atheer:  Arabic-English Newspaper (Company Profile) D/C186
206 JW United Group D/C187
207 Aladdin  Online catalogue  D/C188
208 KL Hop-on Hop -Off City Tour D/C189
  Penang Hop-on Hop -Off  D/C190
209 Lake Kenyir Resort - Taman Negara D/C191
210 ASWAQ Directory (Arabic) D/C192
211 MN Al-Falah Home Nursing D/C193
212 Namibia:  Your boutique destination in Africa D/C194
213 Mini Guide to Brunei Darussalam D/C195
214 The Official Tourist Map of Brunei Darussalam D/C196
215 Islamic Tourism Brunei Darussalam D/C197
216 Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Islamic Exhibition Gallery D/C198
217 Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad D/C199
218 Halal International Selangor D/C200
219 Halal Technical Competent Person:  Short Courses D/C201
220 Halal Technical Competent Person:  Training Programme D/C202
221 BEA Advertising Company Profile D/C203

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