The MSQH offers numerous educational services to meet the individual needs of health care facilities. In the journey of preparations for the accreditation survey, health care facilities may wish to contact the MSQH to arrange for additional educational and enabling sessions. Please see Appendix I.

Please do not contact surveyors directly to arrange educational sessions. This prohibition is necessary to ensure no surveyor is compromised in terms of eligibility to be selected as a member of the survey team at a later stage, and that there is no conflict of interest situation for any member of the survey team formed to survey a facility.

MSQH’s direct involvement in the preparation and planning process ensures that the most up-to-date supporting documentation is provided and used.


Awareness Education

Healthcare Facility which is yet to be accredited and is committed to learn more about the accreditation of healthcare facilities and services may request MSQH to conduct a talk or forum at its premises. This forum is meant to create awareness among the management and other relevant personnel regarding accreditation, its benefits and the process of self assessment.  This educational session is particularly useful in situations when the Person-In-Charge of the facility is committed to the concept but unable to devote the time and energy to provide training and education for the managers, supervisors and other personnel.

The number of participants is limited only by the facility’s resources. A nominal fee is payable to MSQH, in addition to reimbursing the traveling and accommodation expenses of the facilitator(s).


Training Workshop Package for Accreditation

MSQH currently offers training and workshop packages to hospitals which plan to undergo the accreditation process for the first time within the next 12 months.

This training package consists of session intended to introduce the subject of accreditation to managerial and executive staff of the hospital, followed by an interactive workshop for 40 to 50 persons who will be tasked to spearhead the accreditation process in the facility. The workshop will assist the hospital in conducting the gap analysis to seek evidence for compliance to the MSQH Standards. This workshop should also be attended by responsible persons from outsourced or contracted services, e.g. linen & laundry, food and catering, security and housekeeping, waste management, etc, wherever applicable.

The training and workshop package is a pre-requisite to application for the initial and first accreditation survey by MSQH. Depending on the state of preparedness of the healthcare facility seeking accreditation, the training and workshop is recommended to be done at least 6 months before the survey.

Re-training or additional training, if deemed necessary, may be requested by the hospital management, or, recommended by MSQH in exceptional circumstances. Additional fees will apply.


Continuing Education Seminars and Courses

Depending on specific needs identified during the initial stages and subsequent cycles of preparation for accreditation survey, a healthcare organization or facility may request MSQH to send an expert from its governing body or panel of specialists to conduct special lectures and seminars at the hospital to update or upgrade the knowledge and skills of the staff. Examples of seminars which have been conducted in hospitals, in combination with other agencies and at other state level healthcare facilities are Medical Records, Infection Control, Safe Hospital Practices and Documentation of Policies and Procedures.

Educational courses targeted at facilitating quality improvement in other relevant areas are developed and organized as and when major areas of concern are identified by MSQH survey teams in the course of their assessment in various facilities.

From time to time, MSQH may organize regional and national level meetings, conferences and seminars relevant to quality improvement in healthcare facilities. These learning opportunities are made available by MSQH to ordinary and corporate members at a discounted rate.

Opportunities which are offered to MSQH to participate in local and international educational activities are offered to the surveyors or members of the Governing Body.


Training of Surveyors

MSQH surveyors are selected from a pool of senior healthcare personnel (e.g. Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, Executive Directors and/or Clinical Directors of healthcare facilities, Clinical Specialists, Directors of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officers and Senior Hospital Engineers) who have had at least 10-15 years in the provision of healthcare and healthcare related services. They must possess professional technical and/or managerial expertise as well as necessary interpersonal and communication skills to fulfill their total role as enablers, educators and evaluators.

The selection of MSQH Surveyors follows stringent criteria. Potential candidates undergo special training in theory and practice before they are appointed as surveyors. Their training arms them with knowledge and understanding of the principles and requirements of the Hospital Accreditation Standards, so that they can objectively evaluate the level of compliance to MSQH standards, identify opportunities for commendation and improvement, and make recommendation for continuous quality initiatives.

 After initial training, the selected candidates are required to undergo on-site practical training as an Observer Surveyor before they are deployed as a working member of a survey team.

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