Step 1

    • Organisations applying for a first accreditation survey must undergo a special accreditation training conducted by MSQH trainers. Organisations are expected to conduct multiple self-assessment until they substantially comply with the standards.
    • Download “Application for Chronic Dialysis Survey Form” from our website.
    • Your completed application must reach MSQH at least three (3) months before the expected date of your survey to allow time for logistics and organization of an appropriate survey team.
    • If your organization is currently accredited, MSQH will send you an application form six (6) months before the expiry of your current accreditation period. You are reminded of the heightened expectations in quality of care and services from a facility which is moving into the second or subsequent cycles of survey
    • Applications remain valid for 12 months from the date of application

Step 2

    • Healthcare facilities which are successful in their application will be advised in writing of the steps that must be taken for training & education, organizational development, and self assessment that must happen prior to the accreditation survey.
    • The facility will also be informed on the costs associated with preparations and the survey proper.
    • The actual survey dates will be decided by consultation between the organization and MSQH, which is responsible to line up a team of surveyors (agreed upon by the facility) appropriate to the complexity and level of healthcare services provided by the facility.

Step 3

    • If significant changes occur after you apply for survey, the information provided in the application form should be updated and notified to MSQH before the survey takes place. 
    • Changes which must be reported to MSQH prior to the accreditation survey include: 
      • Ownership change affecting organization and management of services; 
      • Significant variations in service volume; 
      • Addition of new type of health care service; 
      • Deletion of an existing service; 
      • Change of site of provision of care; 
      • Major structural and infrastructural changes.
    • Changes which are unreported but observed by the survey team shall be included in the survey, and shall be part of the survey/assessment.

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