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The internationally recognised accreditation organisation for the promotion and improvement of quality and safety in healthcare.


Advocating, educating and monitoring continuous quality improvement and patient safety in healthcare.


Safety Culture
Promote safe practices, Facilities and environment
Patient and people centered

MSQH Services

Education, Training and Consultation in Safety and Quality Improvement for health care facilities and services.
Development of Standards for health care facilities and services.
Survey / Certification of health care facilities and services
Exhibition, Workshop / Seminar & Conference on Accreditation, Safety and Quality in health care

MSQH Functions

Conduct a voluntary quality accreditation program for Malaysian health care organisations.
Develop and continually review health care standards in consultation with the industry and professional bodies. Conduct education programs.
Advice and consult on health care quality improvement. Publish resource materials for accreditation.
Offer information services on quality in health care.

MSQH Goals

Advocate and facilitate continuous improvement of quality and safety in the provision of health services, including standards development, education, performance assessment and accreditation.
Develop and strengthen collaboration and partnership with stakeholders and accreditation organisation.
Undertake and promote research into quality and safety in healthcare.
Promote best practices and dissemination of information in relation to quality and safety in healthcare.
Ensure the organisation's financial sustainability, growth and recognition.
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