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Medical Clinic Accreditation Process

The MSQH Medical Clinic Accreditation program is by voluntary request. However the medical clinic must be an active/valid member of MSQH. The organisation/clinic need to prepare themselves with the MSQH Medical Clinic standards requirement. MSQH will assist with the guideline and direction. They themselves will do self-evaluation using the assessment tool. When they are ready, MSQH will come and conduct the survey visit on mutually agreed date. The composition of the survey team and the survey schedule are based on

  • The type and location of the Medical Clinic to be surveyed
  • The range and complexity of services offered by the Medical Clinic
  • Availability of the required number of surveyors with relevant expertise
  • The availability of a chief surveyor to lead the survey team. Dates will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

 However for a small free standing outpatient clinic it normally takes 2 surveyors and 1 day to assess the clinic. Any significant finding will be informed immediately after the survey. The final report and recommendations will be forwarded to Medical Clinic Standards Council (MCSC) who will review the report independently and make final decision using a score system. The award decision is made based on the average of their scores and consensus opinion of the panel of Councillors.

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