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Benefits of MSQH Hospital Accreditation Programme

The MAIN BENEFITS gained by a healthcare facility from participating in the accreditation program are derived from various perspectives:- 
  1. The educational process of self-assessment and gap analysis that precedes the accreditation survey,
  2. The internal bonding, team building, sharing of ideas and interactive cross departmental interfaces promote creation of ownership of the services and organization while the facility makes preparations for the accreditation survey,
  3. Interactive exchange and lessons learnt with the survey team during the survey process, and
  4. The access to a network of peers from healthcare professionals for continued education, consultation and sharing of experiences.


For your customer

  • tested performance standards that focus on quality and safety in patient care,
  • assurance that your service meets or exceeds the quality health standards available in Malaysia and is recognised internationally,
  • strengthening community trust in being certified is evidence to patients and community that your organisation is committed to providing Safe and Quality Healthcare Service,
  • greater client satisfaction,
  • trust in your staff's ability to respond appropriately to patient needs and to protect their rights,
  • security in the knowledge that quality systems are in place to identify and remedy health problems.

For Your Facility

  • comprehensive and structured analysis of performance,
  • a broad based improvement in delivery of services,
  • reduced re-work and rectifications, since things are done right the first time and every time,
  • establishes organisational credibility, builds up staff and stakeholders’ confidence towards the hospital,
  • better outcomes of care,
  • reduced risk and medical defence costs,
  • confidence that you focus on safety, quality care and service excellence,
  • enhanced public trust, image and competitive edge.

For the People Working in Your Facility

  • a valuable learning experience through self-assessment, reflection, and challenge to tradition,
  • empowerment to improve the processes and change current practices in delivery of care,
  • enhanced teamwork, staff satisfaction, staff morale and confidence in the services that they deliver,
  • provision with the right tools and new techniques and technology for safe and quality services in a low risk environment,
  • being part of a client-focused team to achieve service excellence,
  • equipping with a rigorous approach to continuous improvement,
  • sharing knowledge through a nationwide network of quality health providers,
  • esteem and endorsement by peers and the public for a conscious and active effort in maintaining high professional standards.

For the People Who Fund Your Facility

  • confidence that your organisation is client focused,
  • assurance that your organisation operates according to industry standards and meets international safety standards and requirements,
  • success and sustainability of business through safer quality outcomes,
  • confidence that risk is minimised and managed to create better shareholder value.

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