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Applying Hospital Accreditation Survey

Step 1
  1. Healthcare Facility applying for a first accreditation survey must undergo a special accreditation training conducted by MSQH trainers (See MSQH Training and Education Program).
  2. The minimum time frame required for any Healthcare Facility to be eligible for survey is six months post training to allow time for the facility to make adequate preparation. The facility is required to send a request letter for training.
  3. Apply online Application for Hospital Accreditation Survey
  4. Your completed application must reach MSQH at least six (6) months before the expected date of your survey to allow time for logistics and organization of an appropriate survey team. 
  5. If your organization is currently accredited, MSQH will send you an application form six (6) months before the expiry of your current accreditation period. You are reminded of the heightened expectations in quality of care and services from a facility which is moving into the second or subsequent cycles of survey.
  6. Confirmation of survey date will be provided in writing. All Private Healthcare Facilities are required to attach a copy of their current hospital license issued by the Ministry of Health. Only services as stated in the license will be surveyed by the MSQH.
  7. Applications remain valid for 12 months from the date of application.
Step 2
Step 3


Any inquiry on the application process, survey scheduling, and the survey process may be addressed to the Executive Manager Technical and Client Services at MSQH, or email to accreditation@msqh.com.my

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