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Accreditation Status

Four-Year Accreditation

A Four-Year Accreditation is awarded to those facilities, which in the opinion of MSQH, substantially comply with the MSQH healthcare standards. It should be noted that the healthcare facilities must achieve substantial compliance in all Core Standards and other Safety Standards, to achieve Four-Year Accreditation.

One-Year Accreditation

A one-year Accreditation is awarded to those facilities which have met the requirements of most of the standards but have some safety issues which need to be addressed. A facility awarded a one-year accreditation is offered the opportunity to undergo Focus Survey within the next twelve (12) months.

Non Accreditation

Non Accreditation will be awarded to a facility in which the surveyors have observed and reported that a significant number of standards are not complied with. Facilities that are not accredited are encouraged to implement the recommendations made in the Survey Report and to re-apply for survey. It is recommended that a minimum of twelve (12) months should elapse, to allow time for remedial actions and rectification works, before the next survey is undertaken.

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