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Dr M.A.KADAR MARIKAR | Chief Executive Officer


Assalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh dan Salam sejahtera,

Dear all MSQH Partners and esteemed members of MSQH,

Shukur alhamdulillah, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all MSQH Partners and members and MSQH secretariat for all the support given to MSQH during my tenure as CEO of MSQH. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to YBhg Tan Sri Dato Dr. Abu Bakar Suleiman the former Director General of Health Malaysia for establishing the “smart partnership” between the public, private and healthcare professional bodies to move the Healthcare accreditation agenda nationally. The continuous contract between the Ministry of Health Malaysia with MSQH and the commitment to ensure all public hospitals undertake MSQH accreditation program have helped MSQH to move forward to achieving its goals. The private healthcare sector’s active participation and support for the accreditation program especially members of APHM is also much appreciated in improving the image of MSQH.

I am also highly appreciative of the previous MSQH Committee members under the stewardship of Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Siti Sa’adiah Sheikh Bakir and Y.Bhg.Puan Sri Prof. Dato Dr. Suraiya Hani Tun Hussein and the current committee members  for giving me the honor and privilege to lead the MSQH secretariat from 1997 to  June 2020.  Without your immense support, commitment, contribution, dedication and passion and confidence in me to move towards enhancing quality in healthcare for the nation and with specific focus on ensuring patient safety and staff safety, MSQH would not be what it is today.

Special thanks also goes to my excellent group of Ambassadors; MSQH Chief surveyors, Surveyors ,Councilors   and MSQH pioneering  staff
Encik Zabidi bin Abdul Razak, Puan Ratnah Amirah (Nana) and technical officers especially Ms.Rebecca John, for giving your valuable time developing standards and conducting onsite accreditation surveys promoting good clinical governance in both the public  and private healthcare facilities and servicers  in various parts of the nation. Your patience, tolerance  ,dedication and passion in conducting the onsite peer review and producing an enormous survey report for each facility surveyed is priceless and can never be compensated enough by MSQH ,for that we pray and hope Allah/God the All mighty  will reward you with Jannathul Firdaus/heaven in the after world. More than all, it will not be right for me not to also show my appreciation to my “Guru” Mr.Len Payne, Puan Sri Dr.Wong Hee Ong and Dato Dr.S Noor Ghani for their guidance ,commitment and wisdom in supporting me in the earlier years of the hospital Accreditation program.
To all others consultants and clinical specialists  who have  contributed to the development of standards and accreditation for medical clinics, Chronic dialysis treatment, Dental clinics accreditation ,thank you for your support and hope these will continue to be subscribed by the relevant healthcare providers. To standards working committees for Ophthalmology ambulatory centre, Pre hospital care, and Care for the Elderly and Nuclear medicine; I sincerely hope the excellent effort will continue until the end product is ready for implementation and thank you too.

To all healthcare facilities and service providers who have subscribed to the MSQH accreditation programmes , we would like to thank you for you continuous support. MSQH sincerely hope that your investment in the MSQH educational and onsite peer review survey have had positive impact on your oganisation’s  performance, patient’s  satisfaction and experience, better work culture, improved process, more knowledgeable staff, risks within services identified and mitigated thus providing safe outcomes. In a recent study conducted by MSQH in late 2019 and early 2020 on the “20 years performance of MSQH accredited hospitals”, it was found that ;There is statistically significant improvement in the performance of hospitals both public and private from the 2nd cycle to the 3rd cycle. This analysis is still on going and will be published before year end.

To all other hospitals that have attempted to be accredited but did not manage to obtain the full accreditation status, MSQH hopes you can capitalize on the survey report provided ,to justify for additional resources from your top management to allow your hospital to address all recommendations identified in the report. You may not be able to obtain all the resources in one year but you can develop a short or even a 5 year action plan to improve your compliance to the standards incrementally and eventually be accredited as well.

This peer review process is the only currently available assessment tool to measure organizational-wide performance and as evidence of organizational accountability to the stakeholders and patients and families. The accreditation of healthcare facilities is well supported and promoted by World Health Organisation and is currently being adopted and implemented globally as evidence of safe care and safe outcome being provided by healthcare providers.

Today I would like to welcome Prof Dato Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdullah as the new CEO for MSQH effective 1st July 2020 while I will be moving on as Technical advisor to the accreditation program effective 15 July 2020. I sincerely hope all members will continue to provide the support given to MSQH and the new CEO in moving MSQH to  greater heights  nationally and internationally. Prof Dato Dr.Rahim is not new to the MSQH Hospital Accreditation program. He has been one of MSQH chief surveyors since MSQH started.

I hope his vast knowledge, experience , energy and integrity will further help to strengthen the values and the code of conduct of MSQH while being firm on compliance to established MSQH standards and the relevant Acts and regulatory requirements. As- an internationally certified accreditation body  by ISQua (International Society for Quality in Health) since  2008  ,MSQH will soon move forward in establishing partnership with Malaysian Health Tourism Council in promoting Medical tourism .InsyaAllah, with this partnership MSQH will soon be recognized as one of the contributors to the nation’s economy.

In closing I wish all the best to all MSQH Committee members, Partners, members, clients, Surveyors, councilors, MSQH Secretariat and all who have contributed to the success of MSQH.

Together we move the  patient and staff safety agenda for the nation and globally.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Former CEO






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