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What is Medical Clinic Accreditation Program?

The MSQH Medical Clinic Accreditation Programme is a voluntary, independent programme supported and administered by health care professionals; organised under the auspices of the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH).

This programme provides an effective means whereby Medical Clinic can assess their level of performance against applicable national standards; the Medical Clinic Accreditation Standards. This acts as a benchmark against which Medical Clinics can regularly assess their organisational performance with continuous improvement



The term Medical Clinics for the purpose of these standards refer to all ‘free standing’ outpatient clinic services managed by medical practitioner and cover both private and public sector clinics including specialist clinics. The term ‘services’ include consultations, investigations, treatments and referrals.

The Medical Clinic Standards were developed with collaboration between the various professional organisations representing the medical clinics, Ministry of Health (Medical Development Division and Family Health Development Division) and MSQH.

These standards were developed based on the ISQua Accreditation Federation Council principles and philosophy on standards development. The purpose of these standards was to ensure safe medical practice, patient safety and quality service in primary care as well as in the specialist clinics.

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