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What are the benefits of Chronic Dialysis Accreditation Survey

For your Customer

  • assurance that your service meets or exceeds the quality healthcare standards available in Malaysia
  • Focus on quality and safety in patient care
  • Strengthening community trust
  • Greater client satisfaction

For your Chronic Dialysis

  • Comprehensive and structured analysis of performance with better outcome of care
  • Establishes organisational credibility, builds up staff and stakeholders, confidence towards the centre
  • Enhanced public image and competitive edge
  • Reduce risk and medical defence costs

For the people who fund your centre

  • Confidence that your centre is client focused
  • Assurance that your centre operates according to industry standards and meets international safety standards
  • Confidence that risk is minimized and managed to create better shareholder value

For the people working in your centre

  • A valuable learning experience through self-assessment, reflection, and challenge to tradition
  • Empowerment to improve the processes and change current practices in delivery of care
  • Enhanced teamwork, staff satisfaction and staff morale

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