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Dental Clinic Accreditation Status

There are three types of accreditation status :

Four-Year Accreditation

A Four-Year Accreditation is awarded to Dental Clinics, which in the opinion of MSQH, substantially comply with the MSQH Dental Clinic Standards over and above compliance to all mandatory items. It should be noted that the Dental Clinic must achieve substantial compliance in all standards to achieve Four-Year Accreditation.

Delayed Accreditation

Delayed Accreditation is awarded to Dental Clinics which have:

  1. Achieved compliance to all mandatory items, but have not reached substantial compliance in all standards; or
  2. Achieved substantial compliance in all standards, but have not achieved compliance in all mandatory items.
  3. Significant number of mandatory items and standards are not complied with.

A Dental Clinic awarded Delayed Accreditation is offered the opportunity to conduct a Re-assessment and submit a compliance report within the next six (6) months to twelve (12) months.


Upon the initial survey if the dental clinic fails to conduct the Reassessment and submit the compliance report within next 6 – 12 months to MSQH, the Dental Clinic will be considered as non-accredited facility.

When Reassessment is conducted after the Delayed Accreditation status and the Dental Clinic failed to comply substantially with the standards, the facility will be declared as Non-Accreditation.

MSQH logo indicating the accreditation status shall not be used and displayed.


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